wooden medical furniture maintenance matters needing attention

wooden medical furniture maintenance matters needing attention

(1) Medical furniture should not be placed near heating or in direct sunlight or humidity.

(2) Dragging and pulling is strictly prohibited. Try to lift medical furniture when moving it, and do not drag it on the floor to avoid scraping the floor and loosening of medical furniture parts and connecting accessories. For heavy medical furniture, it must be disassembled into parts when moving, and then assembled again.

(3) To avoid pollution, if sodium chloride solution, acetic acid, ethanol, ink, iodine and other test liquid splashed on the surface, please wipe immediately.

(4) When using new medical furniture, please pay attention to ventilation and discharge if there is an irritating smell in the room.

(5) Do not put the object exceeding 80°C on the paint surface for a long time to prevent scalding. When placing high-temperature items on medical furniture, please protect the table with heat-resistant MATS.

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