What should be paid attention to in the material selection and maintenance of medical furniture

  In the field of hospital construction, interior design bears the mission of creating good space and healing environment. How to make a hospital a place for the love of life? In addition to the medical service itself, there is also the hospital environment, medical furniture is an important aspect to improve the hospital environment.
  The function and function of medical furniture
  In hospital space design, furniture is the main body of space, endowing space with different soul. Through building layout, space division and direction adjustment, people’s physical and mental needs can be met. Medical furniture can deal with spatial layout, including the use and transformation of natural environment, location, direction, height, size, entrance and exit and other factors of the layout.
  As a special group, patients should be taken care of both psychologically and physiologically. The role of medical furniture in indoor space can be summarized into five aspects: space formation, function recognition space division, organization and optimization space, space atmosphere construction, and spiritual function.
  After the hard decoration of the hospital, the function and style of the interior space have mastered the basic position, and the keynote of the interior environment is relatively fixed. The rest of the delicate treatment needs furniture arrangement.
  Giving full play to the layout of medical furniture is an effective way to optimize indoor space. In order to improve the utilization rate of the space, it is necessary to cleverly design the functional structure of furniture, rationally arrange the functional area of furniture, and divide the multi-functional area of medical space by using the combination of medical furniture.
  The division of functional fields in hospitals is complicated, and there are many types of medical furniture. The types of medical furniture play an obvious role in marking the interior space, and the appearance of furniture can reflect the function of space field better than the interface decoration. One of the symbols of hospital indoor environment is to meet the needs of doctors and patients in a limited space and bring great benefits to both patients and hospitals.
  In addition to the basic functions of medical furniture, its shape, style, color and texture play a decisive role in the rendering of atmosphere. Atmosphere is the overall impression given by the internal space environment of a hospital. For example, friendly and comfortable happy atmosphere, profound and serious atmosphere, elegant and fresh artistic atmosphere.
  Medical furniture serves doctors and patients, so it is designed with their psychological needs in mind. Furniture design language and information through people’s vision, hearing, taste and touch to meet the psychological feelings of users. People-oriented medical furniture design can not only meet people’s demand for functional use, but also stimulate people’s happy mood, improve the doctor’s work efficiency and speed up the recovery of patients
  Requirements for selection of medical furniture
  The selection of medical furniture should be made of environment-friendly materials and conform to national technical standards. Hospital green decoration materials should meet the special requirements of the hospital. For example, skirting of hospital corridors and doors of operating rooms must prevent conflicts and breakage. Ceiling materials should be non-polluting, mildew free, clean and easy to maintain. Walls and floors should be made of materials that are clean, resistant to contamination, wear and tear, non-slip and easy to maintain. Medical furniture and hardware should be durable and do not have undesirable gas radiation

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