What should be noted before the use of multi-functional electric medical bed

  What details should be paid attention to when using hospital beds?
  1. Before using the multi-functional electric medical bed, check whether the power line is firmly connected and plugged and whether the controller line is reliable.
  2, the controller linear transmission wire, power line shall not be placed between the lifting connecting rod and the upper and lower bed frame, so as not to cut the wire, resulting in personal equipment accidents. 3. After the backplane is raised, the patient lies upside down on the panel, which is not allowed to be carried out.
  4. People are not allowed to jump on the surface of the medical bed. When the backplane is raised, people are not allowed to sit on the backplane or stand on the bed panel. 5. After braking the universal wheel of medical bed, it is not allowed to push or move, but can only move after releasing the brake.
  6. Horizontal promotion is not allowed to avoid damage to the lifting guardrail.
  7, uneven road surface can not be carried out, in case of multi-functional electric medical bed universal wheel damage.
  8. When using the controller, the buttons on the control panel can only be pressed one by one to complete the action. Do not press more than two keys to operate the multi-functional electric medical bed at the same time, in order to avoid the misoperation of critically ill patients.
  In terms of the types of operating beds we often see, the use of electric driven products is showing an increasing trend, so at this time we should pay attention to many factors of this product to ensure that its working effect can be better. In order to make the operating table work better, some details of the treatment, which will affect its working effect, is very important.
  If the circuit system can not be well laid and improved, it will have a great impact on the use effect of the operating table. At this time, it is necessary to take a very correct attitude to see, in order to ensure that a good working effect can be shown. People should design the circuit system of the operating table reasonably. At this time, it is very important to tidy up its interior and deal with the problems inside to ensure that its working effect can be well displayed.

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