What is the material of the nurse station bench

  A complete hospital system cannot be separated from the nurse station workbench. The TCM guide table is installed in the hospital hall for image display. The nurse station workbench is set up in the wards of all departments. Below are some of the common materials used for the nursing station workbench.
  A, desktop: stainless steel, artificial marble, quartz stone, acrylic artificial marble, etc. It can be used (scraped or polished, repaired or refurbished after prolonged use).
  2. Cabinet: Double-sided electrolytic steel plate (galvanized steel plate) with thickness ≥1.0mm. Electrolytic steel plate (galvanized steel plate) is a kind of smooth surface, not easy to damage the high quality metal material. Compared with cold rolled steel plate (galvanized steel plate), it has anti-rust function, exposure to air or water will not rust, so as to avoid the cold rolled steel plate due to surface coating damage and rust rot.
  Three, spraying: electrolytic steel plate (galvanized steel plate) surface spraying epoxy electrostatic powder, uniform film thickness, the use of electrostatic powder coating, with environmental protection, Yin bacteria, rust, corrosion resistance, high insulation, strong adhesion, friction resistance and other advantages. Spraying line is adopted to avoid manual processing.
  Iv. Process: Resistance welding process is adopted as a whole, without exposed welding spot. The cabinet is completely enclosed in the top plate to reinforce the countertop support. The gap between the front door and drawer of cabinet body is 1.5-2mm, and the width of cabinet frame is 2.5cm. Double deck door panel is designed, with internal ribs, which can improve the service life of the door. The four sides of the movable plate are bent, and the height can be adjusted freely. Plate hook 2.0 thick, free disassembly, height can be adjusted step by step. The ribs of the board can hold up to 50KG. Use hidden inner handles. The cabinet door is connected with 304# stainless steel hinge, and the hinge joint is 4.0mm.
  Hardware: low repetition rate, exquisite workmanship, beautiful appearance. Adopt three section guide rail, can pull out completely. It has functions of stable pulling, muffling and anti-overturning. The bottom adopts 1.0mm304 # stainless steel skirting line, which is 130mm higher than the front of the cabinet. There is no feeling of feet during operation, which conforms to the principle of REN body engineering.
  Vi. Door panel: the movable door panel is marked and stamped by the mold. The size of the identification fixture is 100 * 40MM; Drawer structure classification is clear, handle using anti-collision handle (gooseneck handle).

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