What is the focus of office furniture custom design?

What is the focus of office furniture custom design?

The focus of office furniture is mainly reflected in the function, volume, vision and other aspects of the main rest, orderly surface or main components are processed to enhance the expressive force of office furniture, to achieve rich change effect. The modeling of office furniture tends to focus on the main functional components, such as the back of the chair, the surface of the chair, the surface of the table, cabinet and so on. By using keystroke processing, the body of these parts can be highlighted and noticed. The back of the chair breaks the convention and takes the light fan as the key processing to make it clear and become the interesting center of the chair, thus achieving the purpose of highlighting the key points.

Focusing on the main visual part of office furniture, its main visual surface is desk top and file cabinet front. In order to highlight these two parts, large volume carving decoration, soft rice decoration and other methods are used to highlight the image. Combined-ark uses the adornment of the vitreous door frame that contains arc and drawer front line foot, achieved the effect of rich visual image.

It can also highlight key areas of office furniture such as desk scaffolding, file cabinet tops, jointing structures and scaffolding by adding decorative components and proportions. This local emphasis and artistic treatment should prevent stacking and patchwork forms. The effect of pull force can make the body becomes loose, disorganized only, cannot achieve beautiful effect.

For office furniture customization, we must make the overall image harmonious and consistent, should not destroy the overall unity because of the pursuit of local effect. Sometimes you can focus on performance. Key processing is one of the important rules of office furniture modeling, which can enhance the expression, highlight the center, and enrich the form of change. The focus is general, without generality, the focus can not be outstanding, can not achieve the effect of comparison. Therefore, emphasis should not be used too much, or it will distract and cause confusion.

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