What is the design principle of carbon fiber aluminum honeycomb panel?

Its design principle is the use of carbon fiber composite material plate to provide enough strength, aluminum honeycomb in the panel between the formation of the “work” beam structure, can improve bending strength, reduce quality, and can reduce the cost of unit volume, reduce noise and vibration, increase heat resistance, anti-fatigue buckle fire performance.

Aluminum honeycomb solid part of the cross-sectional area is very small, so the density of metal honeycomb is very low, at the same time, the specific surface area is very large, up to 1000~40000㎡/m³. Aluminum honeycomb material itself does not have heat insulation, sound insulation performance, but the honeycomb aluminum plate has good heat insulation, sound insulation performance. In the aluminum honeycomb aluminum plate, the solid part of the volume only accounts for 1%~3%, the rest of the space is in the sealed state of gas, because of the heat insulation and sound insulation performance of gas is better than any solid material, so the honeycomb aluminum plate has good heat insulation and sound insulation performance.

Moreover, due to the special structure of honeycomb, it has a large specific surface area. When the sound waves contact the metal surface, they are diffused and reflected into the holes of honeycomb metal. It is the internal vibration of the metal that converts the sound waves into heat energy, which can also play a role of noise cancellation. Honeycomb metal can also shield against electromagnetic waves, such as military boxes and shelters made of carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb panels, which can be shielded from radar detection.

As the core material of carbon fiber aluminum honeycomb panel is aluminum structure, it has good electrical conductivity, and can also effectively eliminate the static electricity generated by trains and other transportation vehicles in the process of movement, reducing the potential safety hazard. At the same time, aluminum honeycomb core has good thermal conductivity, can effectively and quickly conduct the local high temperature, to ensure the stability of honeycomb sandwich structure. Aluminum honeycomb is a non-flammable material, used in crowded places, such as military shelters, train cars, stadiums, etc., to increase the safety of facilities and environment, and sound insulation effect is also very good.

Due to the special structure of the aluminum honeycomb and the production process, can produce different specifications according to the requirements of different cellular article, at the time of use can use pull pull honeycomb article to need size, which greatly saved the space reserve and transport, reduce the cost of reserve and transportation, but also save a lot of manpower and material resources.

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