What is the construction technology of hospital wallboard?

  Hospital wall panel is a new resin product for fireproof decoration materials. The main reason for this kind of wall panel is antibacterial, fireproof and general thickness
  It is 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, so it is more convenient to install! Straight to the wall! But the condition for going straight to the wall is
  It is necessary for the wall to be flat, lubricate, and robust, and the wall is not easy to fall off, so the wall is flat in order to make the resin wall panel
  Better device, make it on the same plane, so it looks better!
  Some people will ask, what if the wall is uneven or the wall is not strong? Blue product shield xiaobian to tell you that it is necessary to bottom, general
  Commonly used base data is woodworking board and bottom board, the bottom and no base device method is the same, are using KI88
  Adhesive paste on the wall may be on the bottom plate, the edge can choose straight seam stitching method, which is the most simple device method.
  Therefore, the hospital wall board has great advantages in its function and construction technology, and its function is general
  Wood veneer, is completely due to green environmental protection information, simple construction process, can effectively shorten the construction period,
  Save time, effort and money, it is a reliable product for hospitals to use.

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