Hospital wall version of the classification and application places

Wallboard has excellent stability, lasting, water resistance, moisture resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, drug resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance and easy cleaning and maintenance characteristics, so the application range of wallboard is very wide, can be roughly divided into the following three types:

1, inner wall type 1 because of the resistance to times the special hanging wall board has wear-resisting, fire prevention, anti-bacteria and anti-static characteristics, widely used in banks and airports and other systems of counters and inner walls, public places and sanitary cubicles, station platform windbreak wall and bench, school tables and chairs, dining tables and cupboard hangers.

2 exterior type – wall panels are monochrome, wood grain color and metal color 3 series, bright color, beautiful and lasting, mostly used in public facilities and other external walls and balconies, as well as various facilities of personnel in and out.

3, antibacterial type – because of the antibacterial plate with anti-special plate as the base material has outstanding antibacterial properties, so it is widely used in food factories, laboratories, biochemical laboratories and clinical practice rooms and other facilities, as well as research and communication room workbench.

Application places of wall board in hospital:

All kinds of public places need to be able to provide people with elegant and comfortable environment, but also need to be able to withstand their various destruction and torture. Due to the outstanding characteristics of wall hanging system, it has been widely used in hospitals, airports, stations, stadiums, museums, office buildings, shopping malls…. The impact resistance, easy cleaning, corrosion resistance and other characteristics of the inner wall system are especially suitable for the use of the hospital environment, can fully withstand the impact of patients, push beds, etc. Corrosion of disinfectant; Pollution of all kinds of filth, etc., lasts as long as new. Especially the corner of the processing, in addition to more beautiful effect, its Yang Angle modeling excellent impact resistance completely let the corner protection become redundant; And shade Angle modelling avoided sanitary dead Angle again.

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