What is medical plate?

What is medical plate?

1, medical steel plate and steel composite wallboard, the surface is galvanized steel, backing gypsum or corrugated board, through the rubber composite, surface why need to select galvanized steel, galvanized steel has the very strong corrosion resistance strong, will not rust, steel plate by flexible manufacturing forming first, and then to high pressure electrostatic powder coating, coating thickness above 40 um, By brand plasterboard plasterboard better, now in the market a lot of the surface of the steel plate with color coating steel, the most simple identification method is whether slit with paint package, whether the hand feels oarsman, choi steel coating only 20 um, scratch strength is poor, this type of products cannot be used in the public environment, especially in hospital, need often clean disinfection.

2, the installation of the classification of 12mm laminating style, 6mm card slot keel installation style, natural sewing style, three ways each have advantages and disadvantages, 12mm laminating style belongs to the most classic one, flexible installation, convenient maintenance and disassembly, and has a line beauty, 6mm card slot style, appearance is slightly better than 12mm laminating style, However, the installation and maintenance is not as convenient as the previous one, and the price is also slightly expensive. As long as it is used in the bank, it is more convenient to replace a module in the later period, so it is not suitable for large-area projects.

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