What is aluminum honeycomb panel? Advantages and characteristics of aluminum honeycomb panel?

  Considering the high cost of aluminum honeycomb panels, but high recycling efficiency, if more buildings can be standardized, a set of honeycomb panels can be recycled as much as possible, the cost of honeycomb panels can be greatly reduced, and the cost of a single honeycomb panel can be much lower than other materials. With the development of economy, more and more people pursue higher living standards, resulting in the construction industry is becoming more and more popular. From living buildings to personal shops, the construction industry has always been inseparable from the use of building materials. As an indispensable material in construction industry, aluminum is widely used, and aluminum honeycomb panel is one of them. And what is aluminum honeycomb panel? What are the advantages of aluminum honeycomb panel? Understand these can let us save manpower and material resources in the construction process, save some unnecessary trouble. What is aluminum honeycomb panel? Advantages and characteristics of aluminum honeycomb panel? For these two questions, xiaobian carefully answer for you.
  Aluminum honeycomb panel, the whole production process is completed in modern factory, using hot forming technology. It is the application of aviation and aerospace materials in civil construction, suitable for civil construction, automobile decoration and so on. Due to the high thermal conductivity between the aluminum plate and the honeycomb, the thermal expansion and cold contraction of the inner and outer aluminum plates are synchronized. The aluminum honeycomb skin has holes that allow air to flow freely through the plate. The sliding mounting buckle system does not cause structural deformation during thermal expansion and contraction.

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