Non-cash Counter Customization

For bank furniture, the same form of furniture in the industry are strict regulations, so when we choose furniture, we can clearly feel that a good bank non-cash counter is mainly based on the performance of its details, Shandong furniture manufacturers guozhi in improving the quality of their products at the same time, but also increase the utility rate of furniture. Let’s take a look!

Non-cash counter customization

Non cash counter in achieving the basic functional demand, furniture design group also put forward the “rational basis on the perceptual play” new slogan, its purpose is to create a more close to the bank space at the person, Ceng Jing has a designer said: Human psychology as the center, human physiology as the radius, to establish a harmonious relationship between people and things, to protect people’s health, tap people’s potential, improve people’s work efficiency, this is humanized design needs to achieve the goal. Now there are more and more humanized design is mentioned by people, the new banking system furniture has also changed emerge in endlessly, but the change does not leave its root, close to the people is always the starting point of furniture design.

As the accumulation of years, the environmental protection consciousness of people can be stronger and stronger, so green environmental protection is to be able to break away from each other with blame cash bar, because friendly to environment is friendly to oneself, so those furniture that contains harmful material to exceed bid can be eliminated by the society for certain and spit on. The future furniture will solve this problem, so that when leaving the factory, there will be no residue, no pollution, and furniture will have special classification, there will be more humanized design.

The king of the country furniture company thinks, not only is not cash counter, the customer should want to make clear a price range first before customizing any bank furniture, once exceed this range to stop trading, at the same time make clear that this price range can buy what kind of quality, quantity of bank system furniture. Many customers seem not to be very clear about their needs when they customize bank office furniture, because often at the beginning of customization, customers will ask manufacturers to provide design drawings or some sample schemes.

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