What does hospital furniture include?

Medical furniture can generally be divided into outpatient building furniture, medical technology building furniture, inpatient building furniture, logistics building furniture, administrative building furniture, hospital chairs, consulting desks, medicine cabinets, medical treatment vehicles, consultation tables, etc., there are all kinds of functions.
Outpatient building furniture: guidance desk, ward furniture (VIP ward furniture), waiting chairs (waiting chairs for single person, double waiting chair, waiting chair for three people, etc.), blood collection table, infusion chair, clinic file cabinet, clinic room Washing table, children’s atomization table, consultation table, toll table, nurse station, low cabinet in liquid distribution room, treatment room wall cabinet, medicine cabinet, training room locker, training room wall cabinet, storage cabinet, etc.
Medical technology building furniture: waiting chairs (single waiting chairs, double waiting chairs, waiting chairs for three people, etc.), medicine racks, medicine cabinets, medicine distribution and packaging machines, workbenches, test benches, equipment tables ( Cabinets), storage cabinets, article carts, transfer carts, treatment carts, etc. Functional department furniture (operating room, laboratory), examination department furniture, dental room furniture, ENT furniture, baby-friendly room furniture, dirty room furniture.
Inpatient building furniture: waiting chair, hospital bed, bedside table, accompanying bed chair, writing desk, sofa coffee table, overall cabinet, equipment table, operating table cabinet, treatment cart, wash basin cabinet, duty bed, TV cabinet, workstation, desk, storage cabinet .   
Administrative building furniture: consultation desk, office desk, computer desk, consultation desk, office desk and chair, office screen, sofa coffee table, storage cabinet, etc.

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