What are the principles and design concepts of hospital furniture design?

In recent years, hospital furniture has taken a big share in the office furniture market. The “people-oriented” concept of hospital furniture makes hospital home design a complex system project, which not only makes it convenient and comfortable for medical staff and patients to use, but also It meets the requirements of high efficiency and safety of modern medical procedures, which is the key point for designers to consider, and fully liberates medical staff’s time.   
The spacious and bright design of the waiting hall will give patients a feeling of relaxation. This is the first point of the hospital design. The ward has ample space for activities. Wardrobes, wall cabinets, and TVs in the ward, if possible, can be installed in each room with a bathroom, especially for the frail patients, specially equipped with bath stools and handrails, thus reflecting humanistic care. This way the patient will feel more warm. Around the hospital bed, curtains are designed and made to facilitate inspection and treatment and protect the privacy of patients.   
The organic combination of medical equipment will be an organic combination of automatic call, central oxygen supply and electrical sockets, etc., arranged above the bed, which is not only beautiful and tidy, but also easy to use.   
The design of hospital furniture should pay attention to practicality and avoid unnecessary waste caused by the pursuit of luxury. Hospitals are not suitable for excessive decoration, and concise and clear space handling is the first choice. But medical equipment must be good, such as bathroom equipment, such as heating, ventilation and lighting equipment, which must be anti-infection and easy to maintain.   
“Energy saving and environmental protection” concept. Data shows that the building energy consumption index of general hospitals is 2.7 times that of commercial buildings. In recent years, the design of medical buildings has promoted the concept of “green hospitals”, saving resources to the greatest extent, protecting the environment, and reducing pollution. This is a clear development direction. In the design of indoor space, natural ventilation, natural lighting, solar energy, rainwater and other renewable resources should be widely used. When choosing materials, try not to choose organic synthetic materials.   
Intelligent design, electronic medical record management system, automatic call and other systems should achieve the best sound, light, color, and shape matching effect, achieve high speed, high efficiency, high function, and create an ideal intelligent effect. Hospital furniture should be inspected well in advance when designing, especially the cabinets in the treatment room and the wall cabinets in the treatment room should not be too high.

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