What color should the nursing station be?

  When we go to the hospital, we often see that the color of the nurse station in different departments is also different. Because this is the color of the hospital furniture, it can directly affect the patients’ mentality and work pressure when seeing a doctor. So what kind of color should the nurse station in different departments be designed into?
  Internal medicine and surgery: choose green nursing station design, because green can play to calm the mental parenchyma system, promote the patient’s gastrointestinal metabolism, help digestion, and can eliminate fatigue and other effects.
  Gynecology: In order to better reflect the characteristics of women, the nurse station of gynecology can use light pink, lavender and other products to build a fashionable, warm, comfortable and mild natural environment for women to see a doctor.
  Mental psychology division: provide expert professor research to make clear, yellow can stimulate the person’s nervous system and digestive tract, still benefit at strengthening people’s understanding ability, yellow can arouse the idea of depressed disease patient and belief.
  Ent: halcyon dark blue can alleviate the anxiety of systemic muscle uneasiness, flabby nerve.
  In fact, not only is the hospital outpatient nurse station design color attention, the hospital outpatient indoor air selected color is also very requirements, such as the application of dark blue in the diagnosis room, can let the patient feel quiet, clear anxiety; Green is often used in emergency treatment, because green represents expectation and green safe passage, which is conducive to the anxiety of patients and relatives in natural environment. Hospital wards for the elderly can choose light orange to create a natural environment filled with the beauty and brightness of the golden autumn season and comfortable artistic realm. The ICU can apply warm light blues, neat turquoise and light reds, which are both warm and obscure.

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