What are the features of hospital wainscoting?

Wallboard can be seen everywhere in daily life, among which the wall material of the hospital is used more, so the wallboard is quite popular with the public. The surface of the hospital wall board is made of galvanized steel plate after baking paint, which has good fire prevention, impact resistance, antibacterial, maintenance performance, and can be reused, conducive to environmental protection. Let’s take a look!

What are the features of hospital wainscoting?

1, the back: the steel plate and the back are made of 1.2cm high density gypsum board, made of top combination adhesive, without worrying about the separation of the bottom of the table.

2, coating: choose environmental protection resin paint material, thickness of more than 60UM.

3, surface material: mainly made of double-sided hot melt galvanized steel plate, with good oxidation resistance and welding performance.

4, wall board connection: the use of special U card or hook type buckle fixed, can maintain the flatness of the wall.

5, fire rating: National GRADE A

6. Color and size. Specifications can be customized at will.

7, pencil hardness :Hz2

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