What about medical siding

What about medical siding

Medical special wall panel is a more common construction decoration material at present, because of its good performance, and is widely used in many industries. What about medical wainscoting? What are its characteristics? The following xiaobian will take you to understand:

Due to the use of special material fluorocarbon coating and ceramic inorganic coating, so that the surface dust fine, can fully ensure the cleanliness of clean air.

Good scrubbing resistance: the medical special wall panel after scrubbing experiment, so that the appearance of no impact, which ensures that in the clean room under the high frequency of cleaning appearance results can still adhere to my final nature.

Durable acid and alkali resistance: in the medical biological clean room with a small amount of money to use different solvents and disinfection water how to clean the situation, the pollution inorganic board can continue to adhere to a kind of appearance of color, will not have the slightest fading.

High fire prevention: grade A fire prevention, let you no longer worry about fire prevention problems, protect people’s life and property. The smoke density, smoke tip height, smoke humidity and average residual burning time all reached or exceeded the material grade A comprehensive standard.

Corrosion resistance: the characteristics of inorganic board makes it not like metal materials corrosion, even if the surface coating is damaged will not corrosion, pollution of clean space, affect the appearance, will not corrosion invariable parts.

How about the medical siding? We’ll introduce you, and I hope our introduction helps. If you need our plate, you can come here to buy!

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