The demand for hospital wallboard is increasing

  The demand for hospital wallboard is increasing
  Whole world major hospital number, more than 90% of the medical capital collection in non-profit hospital, the nonprofit hospital will be divided into 3 ten, etc., in the 3 pl and the 3 first-class hospital is one of the most recognizable and scope of the hospital, 3 armour hospital become traditional Chinese medical institutions clapboard, anti bate, artificial stone and the primary user of the physical and chemical plate. The newly added hospitals mainly gather in the small range of specialized hospitals or community hospitals/for-profit small-scale hospitals, whose decoration and decoration of medium and high-end boards occupy a relatively low proportion. The number of top three hospitals added each year is limited, mainly due to the promotion of third-class C hospital accreditation. Because grade A hospitals shoulder the responsibility of providing high-level medical services to several regions at the same time, although it is a non-profit organization, Grade A hospitals have abundant costs, and the use ratio of high-end boards in the decoration process is very high. Due to the acceleration of urbanization in China, the management of grade A hospitals is facing the pressure of expansion, especially in the second and third tier cities where the distribution of medical information resources is unbalanced in China, grade A hospitals will soon face the peak of expansion. The main characteristics of the market are 300,000 medical institutions (2007), the number of top three hospitals is 775, 1450 new medical institutions are added every year, and the average renovation cycle is 10 years. The total loss of hospital wallboard is 500 million yuan, the total loss of anti-beite is 120 million yuan, the total loss of artificial stone is 800 million yuan, and the proportion of high-end plate is 30%. The role of the manufacturer is to sell, the role of the architect is to participate in the designation, and the role of the distributor is to coordinate sales and provide service support.
  In the hospital market, performance and plate characteristics are the most important factors to consider, compared with other down market, the hospital market is strange, because performance and specific needs to meet is considered as the primary factor, such as the SARS period to prevent bacteria, followed by planning and beauty. All these factors are more important than the usual considerations of price and supply. Project budget management is very important to us but not strictly enforced in hospitals.
  The hospital decides that the first floor is the construction planner, who usually designates a brand of appearance material, while the engineering part of the hospital usually selects the contractor or hospital furniture manufacturer through bidding. Contractors and manufacturers of hospital furniture have the opportunity to influence the designation of boards based on their supply of boards, so that the planner designates things to be replaced by other brands, but for custom use they will strictly adhere to the use of the designated brand.

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