bedside cabinet

The bedside cabinet is divided into a side cabinet and a main cabinet. The side cabinets are small side cabinets set on the left and right sides of the bed. The main cabinet is generally much higher than the bedside cabinet, and is generally a metal cabinet or wooden cabinet with four to six doors. It is mainly set up in bedrooms, dormitories, wards, hotels and other rooms with beds for use in living and learning. It is a small semi-enclosed single-drawer movable type Storage cabinets. It is used for daily living and storage of daily necessities. The bedside table is made of plastic steel, stainless steel, metal spray and other materials. The design of the side cabinet is similar to the modern common bedside cabinet. It has the characteristics of moisture-proof, moisture-proof, water-proof, impact-resistant, non-fading and anti-aging, seamless and anti-cockroach, airtight and anti-mouse, easy to clean and delicate, convenient to move, etc. Contribute to the storage and placement of items.