Shandong iGolden Furniture Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and is located in Jinan City, Shandong Province. It is a professional supplier of hospital furniture, bank furniture and various customized office furniture. It is a large-scale manufacturing enterprise integrating design, development, production and sales. For more than ten years, iGOLDENOF has been highly recognized and appraised by customers from all walks of life for its open-mindedness, solidarity, mutual assistance, hardworking, pragmatic and humble entrepreneurial spirit and the pursuit of excellence.

After the furniture R&D and design team’s continuous research and development, upgrading and improvement of products, iGOLDENOF has become the designated supplier of many hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and other medical institutions, banks, financial centers and other financial outlets.


Our Advantage

Market policy-grow up with partners

Perfect agency policy and market protection policy, adhere to customer first service. We always hope to meet the needs of customers and product users in our service process. We are committed to growing together with our customers and partners.

Environmental protection advantage

Our company has a complete environmental protection production system. From the entry of raw and auxiliary materials to the delivery of finished products, strict screening is carried out to ensure that furniture materials meet environmental protection requirements. First, after the raw and auxiliary materials enter the site, they will be randomly inspected in batches and sent to a third-party testing agency for testing. After the inspections are passed, they will be approved for production. The quality is strictly controlled during the production process.

Quality control-strict quality control system

Each piece of furniture needs to go through more than eight production processes from order to delivery, using advanced production equipment, such as: CNC machine tools, row drilling machines, edge banding machines, etc. After the order is signed, the production workshop will actively cooperate with this project to formulate an orderly production plan, arrangements to ensure efficient completion of the order supply during the supply period.

What Our Clients Say?

The nurse station arrived very quickly. It was really beautiful and the package was tight and undamaged. It looked sturdy and durable, the workmanship was fine, the paint was smooth, and the white one looked clean and professional. The colors are clean and well maintained, placed in our hospital, very satisfied.

Herbert / U.K.

The quality of the furniture is very good, the surface is smooth and atmospheric, the style is novel, the look is beautiful and generous, the materials are environmentally friendly and the workmanship is also quite exquisite, overall very satisfied! The packaging is really strong. The wooden frame on the outside has to be removed for a long time. The painted table top is very shiny and smooth. In addition, it is really heavy and requires several people to lift it.

Baron / U.S.A.

The quality is good and the style is fashionable, the edges and corners are smooth and meticulous, the thickness of the plate is good, and the design is reasonable. There is no defect, the workmanship is fine, and the logistics is fast. My colleagues agree that the style is beautiful and the leader is quite satisfied. The manufacturers are very careful, each size is marked, praised, it is worth buying.

Theodore / Australia

The quality is good, the workmanship is meticulous, the materials are good, the board surface is very smooth, the reception desk is beautifully designed, and the effect is better than what we want, the workmanship is very good, the overall delivery is very convenient without installation, and the logistics is also very powerful , The packaging is very tight and there is no bump in the arrival, which is quite satisfactory.

Darren / Brazil

The appearance is exquisite, simple and generous, and very high-end. The color matching is very good, the material is thick, and the workmanship is fine. The overall matching effect is good, and the function partition is reasonable! The workmanship is very fine, the keyboard tray is made of wood lacquer, very textured, unlike the plastic keyboard shelf I bought before, it is highly recommended, the quality is really good!

Philip / Filipinas

The craftsmanship is very good and the details are well done. I visited the factory specially. After finishing the work, the workers modified a little according to our requirements. The service is very good. The material is very strong, the production process is very good, the appearance is unique and exquisite, it is the favorite style, the overall paint is very beautiful, the price is affordable!

Frederic / Brunei

Choose iGOLDENOF, the reputable supplier of business furniture, we will cooperate on the basis of complete trust and comfort.

We understand that every customer is valuable and will cherish every opportunity for cooperation!