The Main Features of Furniture Engineering Customization in Design, Production and Marketing

The main features of furniture engineering customization in design, production and marketing

1. Custom design of furniture engineering is more complex than traditional finished furniture.

Expand the context, advance to the field of production and manufacturing, affect the mode and advanced degree of production and manufacturing, retreat to the field of sales, directly affect the sales performance and customer satisfaction.

Design needs to consider the combination of the three elements of function, art and technology, as the value of design evaluation standard and thinking, the furniture products of design form, function and so on not only reflected in the design of whiteness, through the process of product research and development, production, sales, etc, to achieve standardization, modular and information in terms of the specific design, the development process of product customization furniture and design process.

Among them, and with big enterprise data integration platform, become consumer demand information transformation and an important link of the production task information integration, the development process is mainly oriented to mass customization product model and process model is established, the main model, the main document and currently used more widely than the parametric design and the design of variable method, Deformation design and configuration design and other methods are oriented to product family and product life cycle characteristics, forming the main structure and components of the main model of the main document of the product, the design process is mainly according to the needs of customers, high system, can effectively reduce the diversification of the product.

Design process needs to be the key problem is: in the design need to simplify and reuse of fully stressed based on similarity, the diversification of market demands, therefore, the choice and diversification of enterprise internal control such as product structure, production process and organization structure simplification and reuse, as well as the parts in the product family design meet the requirements of the simplified and reuse, etc.

2, furniture engineering customization in the production mode is not only the processing and manufacturing level

This production mode is completely different from the traditional industrial production mode, which promotes the change of enterprise design technology, manufacturing technology, marketing technology and management technology.

It takes mass customization as its core, and its essence is to meet the needs of mass customization market with the cost and speed of mass production.

Only from the perspective of manufacturing technology, customized enterprises need to have automatic manufacturing technology, rationalization manufacturing technology and reconfigurable manufacturing system, standardization, modularization, information, flexibility is the core of its technology.

In order to reduce costs, reduce diversity, make its processing capacity flexible enough, and can effectively process enough different specifications, varieties of parts. The configured hardware and software (including process equipment and NUMERICAL control programs, etc.) need high reusability, raw materials and semi-finished products also need high versatility

3, in domestic sales technology, store designers and design consultants use special design software

According to consumer preferences, living habits, decoration style, living room environment and other products to meet consumer needs, or by consumers to design their own, however, the means of customized furniture is different from finished furniture, the core is the application of Internet technology, virtual reality technology and e-commerce technology is commonly used means.

Design is an important marketing means for custom furniture. The factory processes and manufactures the parts, and finally collects the different parts into “actual products” of different customers through the bar code control system and sends them to customers. Furniture engineering customization enterprises usually make use of e-commerce technology and information technology. The product is only a “virtual product”. When consumers buy the product at the retail terminal, their order data will be collected to the factory.

Factories can divide orders by parts. They can also display and promote furniture products on the platform, and push information of online physical stores to network users through information provision, discounts, and service reservation, so as to establish a dedicated e-commerce system platform to promote marketing.

Orders can be completed on the network platform, consumption data can be counted in real time and provided to merchants, and commodity information of merchants can be accurately pushed to consumers in need, supporting the next marketing strategy and product sales.

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