Key Points of Furniture Engineering Customization

Key points of furniture engineering customization

The first: custom furniture and household style should be unified

A lot of people complain about custom-made furniture, put it in the home, it seems that the decoration style does not conform to the home. The furniture of what style is bespoke in the home should be decided before decorating, decorate good decide furniture again, often cannot unite style.

Second: customize furniture according to the living room area

Family custom furniture should first meet the daily life needs of family members. When choosing custom-made furniture, want to decide the kind of product and size according to the number of family members and the situation. The house area is limited, but the population is a little more, custom furniture to save space, choose wardrobes, cabinets and so on, the shape should be as simple as possible, the volume should be relatively small.

Third: goods than three places to make a reasonable budget

When consumer is choosing custom-made furniture, want the actual demand according to oneself, do a good job of budget than 3, do not buy cheap inferior article. Look cheap custom furniture must be careful, so the surface may not see any problems, with a period of time can realize the “1 cent” truth.

Fourth: resolutely remove the use of low supplies

To decide on the style and type of furniture, depending on the budget and the living habits of family members, decide on the furniture needed for life, unused or underutilized custom furniture. You can save money on more practical household items.

Fifth: Pay attention to the length of custom furniture.

Different from non-standard customized products, for pure customized products, consumers need to clarify their special requirements for product functions, shapes, patterns, colors and materials. If the consumer has a certain idea of the family home, the furniture customization process will appear simple. Designers can directly solve the needs of consumers, save communication time, and accurately develop products that meet the needs of consumers.

Even if consumers don’t come up with ideas, bespoke products have “innate” advantages. For example, customized furniture can be set according to the height of the family appropriate product height, and for the elderly, children, mobility inconvenience of the people targeted “symptom injection”.

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