The Design of the Consulting Desk in the Hotel Lobby

As the front lobby of the hotel, the first contact with customers is face to face, but also the most direct. This is where the first impressions of a hotel’s efficiency and customer satisfaction begin. Let’s take a look!

The design of the consulting desk in the hotel lobby

A perfect boutique hotel front desk should include information consultation, cash settlement, reception services and goods storage. The mode of service can also be divided into two types: standing and sitting. Whatever method is adopted, the spatial scale must be based on facilitating communication between guests and service, guests and service personnel.

The front desk is usually located in the most visible and broadest view of the lobby, which is easy for guests to identify. The distance from the front door to the main service desk should be less than the distance from the elevator hall. The functions of the general service desk shall be arranged according to the working procedures of reception, consultation, registration, cashier and foreign currency exchange. The equipment and facilities of the general service desk (telephone, computer, printer, scanner, magnetic card machine, banknote detector, credit card authorization machine, data drawer, information cabinet) should meet the work needs and requirements. Easy to use, reasonable, minimize unnecessary operation process, improve work efficiency, reduce work intensity.

Different types of guests have different activities in the lobby, so the number and location of entrances and exits should be considered in the planning and design. The main entrance is usually located in the center of the lobby and is the entrance for individuals and principal guests. For group guests, special group entrances can be set up. For local diners and entertainment clients, special entrances can be set up to enter restaurants or entertainment venues. Restaurants and shops on adjacent streets can open separately, but at a distance from the main entrance.

Generally speaking, the front desk is the customer’s first impression of the hotel. It can be imagined that the hotel lobby is very important for the appearance image of a hotel. They say well begun is half done.

The lobby of modern Style Chinese business hotel will adopt the integrated design of lobby, lounge and public transport space. Such a business hotel decoration and design method in the area division, but also special distribution is very flexible. It can make the area of these three non-profit Spaces have appropriate flexibility, but also create a grand space for the business hotel as a whole.

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