The design of medical furniture should be integrated with all aspects of the overall hospital building

The design scheme of medical furniture must be combined with the overall hospital building, the configuration of medical technology equipment and the diagnosis and treatment process, so that the design scheme can meet the needs of the information age. Such as patient waiting, registration, payment, photos and other processes, can rely on information to simplify. For example, the hospital waiting chair can be more humanized to add scientific and technological equipment, so that patients can resolve boredom when waiting for treatment, reduce psychological pressure.

In addition to information technology, the spatial design concept of the hospital should also be enhanced. In recent years, people not only pay attention to the functional design of medical furniture, but also pay attention to the design of indoor and outdoor space environment construction of hospital. Therefore, the design of medical furniture must be combined with the design of the overall medical architecture. Medical architecture has its own characteristics, and the general furniture design scheme can not meet the needs of modern medical use.

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