The advantages of metal composite wallboard

  1, what is the metal composite wallboard?
  Metal composite wall board is a kind of decorative board based on color coated steel plate. In recent years, it has been widely used in the decoration of the computer room as a new type of wall decoration material. Metal curtain wall board can be used to replace latex paint and wall brick. It is very light and convenient, it is also very safe to use, and the decorative effect is particularly good.
  2, the advantages of metal composite wallboard
  (1) The surface of the metal composite wall panel is green and environmentally friendly, with no odor and harmful substances. It creates a healthy and comfortable environment for the machine room, and is characterized by simple construction and convenient maintenance. It is especially practical and has the characteristics of fire prevention, moth-proof and moisture-proof, which also ensures the long service life of the metal curtain wall panel.
  (2) metal composite board fire prevention effect is quite good, after inspection and testing at national level of fire prevention, ring Lin room wall antistatic performance is strong, anti-static wall surface for the power of 5 ~ 8 ohm resistance value is 10, makes the charge decay time under 1 second, ensures that the antistatic wallboard antistatic performance, provides the user the use of safe and reliable barrier;
  (3) green installation, no welding, convenient folding, reusable, greatly saving the decoration period, metal curtain wall plate has a great advantage, is to have strong thermal insulation performance. We use in the room, similar to the use of air in the wall and metal curtain wall between the insulation, the bottom plate used gypsum board has a certain heat absorption capacity, so the insulation effect is better.
  (4) As a kind of high quality decorative material, simple and beautiful, never fade, dust free, convenient to clean, and floor, ceiling collocation, to create a more comfortable and beautiful environment for us.

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