Safe and combined with the needs of The Times development of infusion chair

  An infusion chair is a seat used for patient infusion. Infusion chair also calls drip chair, basically use at medical treatment unit to the patient infusion. The early use of very simple seats or sofas, quality, safety, usability are poor.
  For the consideration of patients, infusion chair should be in line with ISO9000 standards, green non-toxic material, metal part of the surface should be smooth, no barbs, otherwise it may cause scratches on patients. Infusion chair is generally assembled type, so each component should be connected between fastening, unified use of hexagon screws, comprehensive guarantee infusion safety. In addition, due to the hospital environment, the metal part of the infusion chair should be able to repeatedly use disinfectant cleaning, high corrosion resistance, stainless steel seat feet longer service life. Generally 7 to 10 years.
  Maintenance of infusion chair: infusion chair belongs to the public seat category, loss is faster, for the maintenance of infusion chair is relatively high, the leather pad of the general infusion chair should be replaceable, and equipped with a cloth cover, leather part of the cloth cover protection, easier to clean and maintenance.
  Seat plate description: 1.8mm or 1.5mm thickness of cold rolled steel plate, after rust removal, electrostatic powder spraying.
  With the development of society and productivity, infusion from simple seats to multi-functional, comfortable, safe, environmental protection and other directions, ease of use can also take better care of patients.
  The various styles, versatility, environmental protection materials, material thickness, component size is standard, are important parameters and standards for the quality of an infusion chair.

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