Room color steel plate wallboard and steel composite wallboard difference

  How should we choose between color steel plate and medical painted steel wallboard/composite steel wallboard?
  The simple way is to observe whether there is paint package at the cut of the steel plate, and there is no paint package at the cut of the pre-coated color steel plate.
HPL boards - High Pressure Laminate sheets
  We should know that the color steel plate is mostly used in the data center room, fire control room, the medical paint steel wall board/composite steel wall board is used for hospital/office building/shopping mall public area wall decoration, the nature of the two places are completely different. Data center room flow is small, mainly equipment, the requirements of the wall panel is clean, antistatic, fire; Hospital/office building/shopping mall is a place with a very large flow of people, the requirements of the wall panel are fire prevention, scrub resistance, corrosion resistance, antibacterial, moisture-proof, decorative effect, aesthetic degree, flatness, etc. Because of the functional difference, the two can not be used mutually.
  But because most people are professional, because the structure is similar, not very good, also has created many do room choi steel manufacturers, choi steel change the name of the room when the medical steel panels/decorative composite steel wall plate sales, also intentionally mislead consumers, the surface color steel plate thickness of 1.0 mm, thick steel plate to consumers propaganda, strong, In fact, professionals believe that the surface substrate of medical steel wall panel/office building/shopping mall interior decoration composite steel wall panel must be hot-melt galvanized steel plate, which is first molded by flexible processing, then coated with antibacterial powder/high-voltage electrostatic powder, and then combined with gypsum board or corrugated board or aluminum honeycomb, etc. The raw materials used for the color steel plate in the machine room are pre-coated color steel coil, liquid roller coated steel plate, the corrosion resistance of the steel plate substrate, the thickness of the surface coating, the strength is relatively poor, and the relative color is relatively single. For the machine room color steel plate customers, when choosing the machine room color steel plate, we need to confirm the actual thickness of the steel plate, gypsum board brand, the raw material brand of the surface steel plate; Have anti-static and fire test report issued by national material Center;

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