Requirements and design of nurse station in ward

  The nurse station is the work industrial base of nursing, the “hub station” of all wards, the key dialog box for entertaining patients and visiting staff, and the important person of nursing module. Consequently, it is not effective to use indoor space to consider action requirement on the design, should add visual effect art beauty additionally.
  Regulation and design of nurse station in ward
  1. Functions: The key functions of the ward nursing station include reception and information consultation, hospitalization record, writing and storing medical history, information entry, solving doctor’s instructions, receiving patient call data signals, and collective monitoring, etc.
  2. Location: The nursing station can be built in the direction of the nursing module management center, and it is appropriate to see the nursing module corridor. The advantage is that the nursing module is half effective, and the medical staff can arrive at each room conveniently and quickly, so as to facilitate the nursing of patients. According to the code for Design of General Hospital construction, the distance between nursing station and ward gate is not suitable to span 30m.
  The medical worktable in the reception area should be designed with a two-layer table with different heights. The high-rise residential table is conducive to patients and their families standing up to communicate and write, and can also block objects such as computers and documents. Low table is conducive to patient seat or disabled wheelchair patients information and communication. Mesa height of general high-rise residence is 1.1 meters, short layer is 0.75-0.8 meters.

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