Problems Existing in Guiding Table of Nurse Station in Hospital

Problems existing in guiding table of nurse station in hospital

Some hospitals do not set up a nurse station in the service hall due to the small scale of operation, cost saving, do not attach great importance to the nurse station and other reasons. In fact, such cases are wrong. Nurses’ stations can not only serve project patients, but also help the hospital to improve the doctor-patient relationship, reduce the time for patients to seek medical treatment, improve the efficiency of the hospital, but also generate a lot of profits for the hospital.

2. In order to better meet the standards of modern hospitals, some hospitals regard the nurse station as an image project. The nurse station with conspicuous air is set in the service hall, but there are no staff on duty, or very few staff on duty. When patients have to inquire about the actual information content, they may have the impression that the hospital is unreliable and the staff is dereliction of duty when they see the nurse station but not the staff. When help was needed, it was nowhere to be found.

3, not technology specialty hospital in the personnel department DaoYi personnel dispatch on considering the lack of effective allocation in nurse station son is not in conformity with the medical knowledge of the general services staff, the staff can know the detailed address of each department, but the actual symptoms classified don’t know, when patients do not know their own disease belongs to which category, DaoYi member can not be proper boot sector, It may lead to incorrect department, resulting in delay of patient’s visit.

4, guide staff mentality is not active, extreme some patients into the hospital is likely to have some anxiety, do not know the efficacy of the nurse station, see a service project personnel is not willing to ask forward, and some guide staff is likely to be reluctant to take the initiative to ask, just waiting for the patient forward. Medical guide personnel not only have the effect of correct guidance, but also have the effect of soothing patients’ mentality. In patients with peak time, patients in nurse station asked many question multifarious is exquisite, the nurse station personnel are likely to appear the status of the impetuous, cause extreme service quality, get on the one hand may not be accurate for patients to disabuse, on the other hand to make the already poor attitude of patients more restless, thus is likely to cause the patient to the hospital are not satisfied, Jeopardizing medical care and potentially causing unnecessary damage to the hospital.

5. The total number of nurse stations is insufficient. During the peak hours of patients, the number of patients who go to the nurse station to inquire increases. In the event of an emergency, in order to get the patient to the clinic as soon as possible, the medical counselor may have to leave the nursing station temporarily to help the patient find an address to contact the doctor. In this case, there will be no one on duty at the nurse station, and then there will be no relative personnel to assist the patients to solve their problems, which is not good for the doctor-patient relationship.

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