Office Sofa Selection Pay Attention to Things

Office sofa selection pay attention to things

1, do not consider the style. Relative to the foundation of the office decoration, sofa in addition to the use of functions, but also played a role in setting off the environment. Therefore, the style and color of the sofa must be decorated with office women, decoration of the main color phase -.

2, do not consider the size. When choosing sofa on market, the dimension that you can discover sofa is very much, have thousands of kinds, can appear such circumstance then, the sofa that buys back is too big, meeting room becomes crowded, sofa dimension, the proportion with integral space is maladjusted. Accordingly, when choosing sofa, should understand the area of oneself meeting room and office first, the sofa of stage of comfortable of choose and buy again next.

3, by all means do not consider the depth of the sofa. The common dimension of sofa depth on market is 95 centimeters, this kind of depth suits height to be in 1.7 meters the person below. Height is in the personage of 1.7 meters above had better choose to carry deeply the sofa that is 105 centimeters, can alleviate the tense condition of back thoroughly.

4, do not consider the bearing capacity of the sofa. Want to choose – durable sofa, the frame that wants to see sofa above all is permanent change not easily.

5. Do not consider the resilience of the sofa. The traditional sofa frame generally only uses snake spring, such sofa in use for a period of time is prone to deformation collapse and other problems, thus affecting the beauty and use of the sofa. Sofa with better resilience – the combination of snake spring and bandage is used, so that the firmness and resilience of sofa will be doubled.

6, do not consider the comfort of the cushion. Too hard soft sofa, are not suitable for the normal sitting and lying of the human body, will have an impact on the spine of the human body.

7, by all means do not consider the wear-resisting and washable sofa. If there are old people and children in the home, we should choose the sofa fabric with good anti-fouling and wear-resisting properties. Besides cortical fabrics, this kind of material has the exquisite feel of similar animal fur, its warp and weft line union density is big, wear-resisting, not easy be out of shape.

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