Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Performance

  Plate performance
  1. Light shock absorption, sound absorption, fire prevention, heat preservation. Because each honeycomb core is closed, thus blocking the circulation of air, making sound waves and heat are effectively blocked, so that the sound broadcast and thermal conductivity of the plate is greatly reduced, to achieve the effect of sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation. Moreover, the aluminum sheet is non-flammable and therefore fire-resistant.
  2. Moisture-proof, fireproof, impact resistance, corrosion resistance. The surface anti-double special plate has an internal structure to support, and the anti-double special plate itself has good moisture-proof fire performance.
  3. Various colors and elegant decoration effect. Such as metal color, imitation wood grain, stone grain and other colors, the shape is more luxurious and beautiful, to cater to the public’s various personal preferences.
  4. Beautiful shape, green environmental protection and pollution-free. Anti-special honeycomb board is mainly used for high-end toilet partition, beautiful appearance. No peculiar smell, with environmental protection and pollution-free excellent performance.
  5. Easy installation, no corner code, long service life. In the installation of anti-special honeycomb panel, the main accessories are matching hidden accessories. The fitting installation is beautiful, simple and safe, and the service life of the plate is more than 15 years.
  6, environmental protection, energy saving and convenient installation. Zero a 酫 green quality, large rigidity but light weight, durable, cost-effective.

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