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Different office projects, together can also constitute the most outstanding office air. So about the relevant matters for attention in the selection of office furniture tone, Yuantun office gives the following interpretation, looking forward to the end of a more sophisticated choice of office furniture products.

1. Clear boundaries of color system area.

So the natural demand to choose office furniture for the cold color system to carry out the corresponding conversion, so that you can end the construction of the office environment, help people to advance their enthusiasm and office comfort, but also can advance the manufacturing of the office mood of entertainment.

Office first warm color department, the office furniture choice should also be less for warm color department, to make the choice of different color, needs are more different shades of color conversion back and forth, change change color changes, it can bring more pleasant office environment, office environment, more diversity changes sex horizon air end construction, To prevent the visual fatigue of a single tone, so the color area type gap is significant, but the detailed tone needs to be changed, which is the basic criteria for office furniture tone selection.

2. The influence of position type on office tone.

Of course, needle on different company position types also need to carry out the corresponding excellent choice of office furniture tone. Relatively high position of the leader, significant need to choose dark tone to choose the tone of office furniture, so that you can build a grand and severe air, forward with a sense of pressure, forward the office efficiency of the staff. As for subordinates, it is also the most outstanding warning to advance the enthusiasm of subordinates in office. Therefore, the office of high leaders now needs the most severe tone decoration and the most reasonable choice of office furniture.

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