Office furniture customization can be divided into what parts?

Office furniture customization can be divided into two parts: office furniture design and office furniture manufacturing. The first is the design of office furniture, the whole design to consider a lot of things.

In the design of office furniture, the first thing to do is to design the layout, which needs to be considered according to the environmental layout of the entire office, such as the location of different doors and Windows, considering the space reserved for the location of the channel, and so on. In addition, but also measure the length and width of the entire office, so as to have a more scientific layout design. Obtaining these basic data can support more accurate design of office furniture and create a good office environment.

In the manufacture of office furniture, the choice of materials is very important. Generally speaking, in the customization of the entire office furniture, plate, metal hardware accessories, wood, etc., are indispensable.

Therefore, when customizing, we should consider the procurement of materials and give priority to those good teams with quality assurance to ensure the basic quality of office furniture and support longer term use.

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