Future Intelligent Office Furniture Design Trend

Future intelligent office furniture design trend 1: ease of use

The fundamental purpose of intelligent office furniture design is to serve people and facilitate people’s life. Accordingly, the object that should consider fully when designing and use occasion, make furniture has the characteristic of ease of use. Discover in the market investigation of furniture of an intelligence, quite a part of person thinks high-tech product is too complex, operate hard. In order to fully reflect the people-oriented, consumer-centered design idea, the design should be fully considered to let the user at any time simply, clearly know what he can do. In short, is to make the design of the product “easy to understand”, “easy to use”. Therefore, in order to eliminate these prejudices, designers should fully consider these factors, so that the final design of the product is user-friendly.

Such as intelligent file cabinet, the use of bar code information input system, greatly improve management efficiency. To query file location, only need to input column in the query system software, the check file by keyword, “search results” which displays detailed information about the file and the file location of the point “open” button (cabinet put oneself in another’s position of open by the touch of cabinet put oneself in another’s position on the front panel button to complete the operation), file cabinet put oneself in another’s position can be automatically opened. The whole cabinet adopts artificial intelligence control motor operation, cabinet arbitrarily closed, saving time and effort.

Future intelligent office furniture design trend two: novelty and advanced

The novelty of intelligent office furniture is mainly reflected in the designer not confined to the achievements of predecessors or others, according to the idea of new exploration, never tried to design a unique new office furniture products. Its advanced nature is reflected in the design of products should not only be innovative, and the technical level of the use of automatic control, computer, microelectronics and sensor detection technology, in the function, performance, structure and other aspects of the new characteristics and substantial improvement.

Another example is the independent table, which is a mobile communication table for display, discussion and information explanation. This kind of round table designs an electronic screen in the middle part of the table. People can write or draw on the screen with pens or even fingers to facilitate communication.

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