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The nurses’ station, also known as the nurses’ workbench, is one of the essential infrastructure of a hospital, as well as the facade of the hospital, often representing the class and taste of the hospital. The nurse workbench is generally set in the center of the hall on the first floor of the hospital, where patients can see it at a glance, in order to provide timely and convenient medical services for patients. So is the nurses’ station really important? How to choose? Let’s take a look.

First, nurses’ stations are very important for hospitals and patients

The nurse workbench is one of the main places for nurses to work. Patients or family members who need help often go to the nurse workbench for help at the first time. The nurse’s desk is also a place for doctors to learn more about patients in each room, because nurses tend to be more approachable than doctors and have a better understanding of patients’ specific conditions.

Therefore, the nurse workbench is very important for the hospital and patients, but also a hospital for all kinds of work transfer point.

Two, choose a nurse table that can accommodate more nurses

It is best to choose the shape and type of nurse table that can accommodate a large number of nurses, so as to ensure that the number of nurses is enough to facilitate the provision of timely services to patients. Many hospitals cover a limited area, in order to save space, often set up the nurse workbench is relatively small, many nurses crowded together, work is not convenient to say, sometimes even some nurses have no place to stand, can only stand outside the platform.

In a word, the nurse table is one of the most important basic equipment in hospital, hospital decoration, need to pay special attention to the decoration of the nurse table.

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