Advantages of custom hospital furniture

In the traditional marketing mode of hospital furniture, there are some problems, such as the products can not satisfy all consumers, the size does not meet the requirements, the style can not meet the personal preference, and the products produced by mass production will inevitably lead to unsalable or overstock due to the similarity, etc. Therefore, Yubai Medical recommends hospitals to appropriately select customized hospital furniture when choosing hospital furniture, and customized hospital furniture effectively avoids the shortcomings of traditional hospital furniture, creating a new situation of hospital furniture marketing.

Advantages of customized hospital furniture:

1, greatly meet the individual pursuit of different hospital departments for hospital furniture style. Because each product can be designed and produced according to the special needs of the actual situation of the hospital itself, it can meet their different layout and functional requirements, environmental color layout and working habits, etc., to a large extent, it stimulates the consumption desire of the hospital, thus broadening the consumption scope and market demand.

2. Hospital furniture customization is conducive to breaking through the conventional limitations of products and bringing forth the new. Through the direct contact and communication between the designer and the hospital, the actual needs of the hospital can be more clearly grasped, and products closer to the hospital staff can be developed, thus further promoting the replacement of products.

3. Hospital workers can choose different or the same style furniture according to their departments, and adjust the material, specification and process of the products according to the requirements of function, sense and quality, so as to truly achieve the purpose of one-stop solution. It avoids embarrassing problems such as the products made by different manufacturers can not be unified, supporting or can not meet the space, function and budget restrictions.

4. Hospital furniture customization can avoid inventory overstocking caused by blind production. No matter for manufacturers or dealers, there is no doubt that this aspect is a great breakthrough, as if bound hands and feet have been liberated, to remove the pressure of inventory, furniture customization only needs to easily face customers to produce the products they need, in avoiding capital necrosis at the same time to accelerate the turnover of capital.

5, hospital furniture customization reduces the risk of investors. Furniture customization as a new marketing model, has a very broad market prospects; Eliminating blind mass production; Because they are not similar products in the market, they do not need to rely on advertising to seize the market, which can save capital investment and avoid excessive hoarding of capital, thus reducing the risk of investment and more conducive to the development of investors.

The hospital furniture customization with its energy customization, fully meet the personalized needs of the hospital, can reasonably plan the use of space, but also can achieve factory production, assembly line operations. Yulin cypress medical professional custom furniture manufacturers more fastidious on material, hardware accessories and more using climax hardware brand at home and abroad, on the basis of ensure the quality of products, and made a substantial increase on the functional and comfort, to fully mix the scene of the finished product furniture and woodworking furniture, and overcome the disadvantages of them, really realizes the industrialized production, It can be tailored, and it’s greener and more fashionable. Hospital furniture customization is gradually changing the consumption concept of hospital furniture industry.

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