Nurse station manufacturers tell you: humanization + specialization = modernization

Nurse station manufacturers tell you: humanization + specialization = modernization

Nurse station, called the nurse table, also called the nurse’s desk or desk. English: “Nursing station”. The nurses’ station is the big front desk that we see directly after entering the outpatient door of the hospital. Represents the image and grade of a hospital or medical institution, to achieve the concept of a kind and elegant.

Cordial and elegant is the purpose of the design of the nurse station, and strive to be in harmony with the environment, so that the indoor users and people around should feel practical and warm. The design should be novel and generous, the layout reasonable and practical. The shape and color should be specially designed according to the environment and architecture. In this respect, Wankai furniture is one of the representatives.

Types of nursing stations There are three types of nursing stations: curved, U-shaped, and linear.

Arc nurse station: suitable for the lobby of hospital outpatient building. There are also large and small sizes. The small ones are usually referred to as consultation tables.

U-shaped nurse station: it is suitable for the lobby of hospital ward building and other examination floors.

Straight nurse station: suitable for other floors above the 2nd floor, or for ward floors with small Spaces.

Humanization + specialization = modernization, from space design to specific functional details, every step of production supporting, all permeated with the persistence and belief of this concept. Only the deep grasp of functionality, only the use of professional requirements, only to meet the pursuit of harmonious human nature, is the real modern products, is delivered to every customer products. If you want to know more about hospital furniture maintenance, you can refer to the material and use method of the locker.

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