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Operating room of a lot of medical equipment is becoming more and more high-end, in certain aspects of medical furniture has to catch up with and even more than the European and American developed countries to the operating room, at the same time and the modern space environment in the department of surgery, and is closely related to surgical department staff working the detail process of all kinds of medical furniture also more and more by hospital managers, users, the attention of the engineering and technical personnel, In this paper, the options, technological requirements and design of medical furniture in the specific surgical department are respectively developed for everyone to learn and share. Stainless steel medical furniture in the operating department is divided into: Operating rooms (between) stainless steel medical furniture medical area (pre linen room, anesthesia recovery room/PACU) stainless steel medical auxiliary medical furniture (sterile items, goods storage, cleaning and disinfection of anesthesia) stainless steel medical furniture operating room (operation) stainless steel medical furniture is divided into two categories, embedded and mobile medical stainless steel furniture. Embedded stainless steel medical furniture mainly refers to embedded instrument cabinet, embedded medicine cabinet, embedded anesthesia cabinet, embedded combined workbench.

The design and process requirements of stainless steel medical furniture in operating room (operating room) : (1) It must comply with the principles of hygiene, that is, all the furniture should be surrounded and inside the full arc, closed structure, so that the possibility of hiding dirt to a minimum. At the same time reduce the burden of cleaning and maintenance staff. ② Ergonomic. The design of the operation height and pushing flexibility of all kinds of instrument tables, anesthesia carts and instrument carts should fully consider whether the long-term use of medical staff is comfortable or not, and whether to reduce the waist fatigue of medical staff. Medical furniture in medical area (anaesthesia recovery room, pre-anaesthesia room) : Considering the most reasonable use of the operation space, many hospitals usually combine anaesthesia recovery room /PACU and pre-anaesthesia room in the design of the operation department. Anesthesia recovery room /PACU is equivalent to a nursing unit, so we can refer to the types and configuration of medical furniture in standard nursing units.

Stainless steel medical furniture in the medical auxiliary room: the medical auxiliary room in the surgery department undertakes the storage, transport, cleaning and disinfection of all kinds of instruments, dressings, disposable consumables, drugs, instruments and equipment needed in the operating room. According to the layout of the operation department, each hospital sets up the auxiliary medical rooms mainly including aseptic instrument storage room, aseptic dressing storage room, disposable consumables warehouse, instrument room, anesthesia storage room, cleaning and disinfection room, etc. As different types, specifications and sizes of items are placed and stored in each room, stainless steel medical furniture with different functions is needed. Such as aseptic equipment (dressing) storage rack, aseptic goods storage cabinet, equipment storage cabinet, medicine storage cabinet, precision instrument cabinet, consumables classification storage facilities, etc. The design and process requirements of this kind of stainless steel medical furniture and the stainless steel medical furniture in the operation room are the same, that is, first of all, in line with the principles of hygiene, the product structure is not easy to hide dirt and dirt, at the same time, the product should follow the ergonomic design, meet the reasonable placement of different items, so as to improve the working efficiency of the operator.

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