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Hospital medical equipment supplies purchase is a strong technical, human, custom work, take careful market research and full of hospital furniture purchasing technical data comprehensive assessment, and understand the hospital furniture product basic performance, technical parameters, medical furniture to meet the purchasing requisition and purchase to cost-effective products. The purchaser of hospital furniture may entrust the agency company to invite the hospital furniture enterprise with the capability of human design to contest for the design scheme of the medical furniture to be purchased by the purchaser. It is required to provide detailed parameter description for the configuration, quantity, performance, technical index, material and environmental protection of the provided hospital furniture, and it is required that the enterprise running for election draw the production drawings and effect drawings of the hospital furniture, and the purchaser chooses the high-quality scheme.

Difficulties and solutions in hospital furniture procurement:

1. Hospital furniture configuration involves a wide range of areas, technical specifications vary greatly, types and series are complex, and there are many factors restricting product price and quality;

2. The quality of hospital furniture is highly dependent on the equipment and process of suppliers, which requires special instruments and equipment to complete, bringing difficulties to the later acceptance of medical furniture purchase;

3. Market competition in hospital furniture industry urgently needs to be standardized. It is difficult to determine procurement evaluation indexes for products with different specifications provided by different suppliers. After the hospital furniture procurement plan is determined, the physical samples can be made first. For non-batch hospital furniture products, each department and space size has different requirements in terms of specifications and sizes, but they are practically similar in terms of materials. Physical samples or even color plates can be used. Hospital furniture procurement can simplify the content and pursue the consistency of product performance, technical indexes and specifications. In this way, the supply is more targeted, the cost is reduced, the difficulty of determining the evaluation index in the procurement of hospital furniture is reduced, and the procurement process is simplified and the procurement efficiency is improved. For example, how many pieces of hospital room medical furniture, including manual double swing hospital bed, stainless steel manual double swing hospital bed, bedside cabinet and seat, etc.. The purchaser may require the supplier to provide a certain number of swatches as a factor in the technical evaluation. Physical samples are used. Physical samples provided by suppliers are not only evaluated by visual inspection, but also tested by instruments. The physical sample was sealed and used as a reference for final acceptance of hospital furniture. This method can solve the difficult problem of testing hospital furniture products.

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