Medical furniture | nurse station,medical cabinet,medical function cabinet

  Medical furniture is mainly used in the hospital reception hall, examination room, waiting area, pharmacy room, operating room, laboratory, nursing center, stomatology and laboratory and so on.
  Medical furniture includes medical cabinet, medical locker, medical function cabinet, medical bed, nurse station, table and stool, waiting chair, patient chair, infusion chair, medicine cabinet, sorting garbage can and other easy-to-use furniture. The classification of furniture can be divided according to the different positions in the hospital. A lot of furniture is the name of the hospital furniture extended according to the positions in the hospital, such as nurse station, medical cabinet, etc., so it brings more convenient office environment for the staff of medical furniture.
  Structure type
  There are many kinds and styles of medical furniture in hospital, and the structure forms of supporting components are different. According to the structure type can be mainly divided into 11 kinds, there are 6 kinds of commonly used, respectively: fixed structure, disassembly structure, folding structure, combined structure, scaffolding structure, multi-purpose structure.
  1, fixed structure
  Fixed structure is also known as mounting structure or non-disassembly structure, refers to the main use of tenon joints (with glue or without glue), non-disassembly connector joints, nail joints and glue joints, one-time assembly, solid and stable structure, can not be disassembled again. Disadvantages: large volume, transportation and handling trouble, common solid wood companion chair.
  2, disassembly structure
  Disassembly structure is also known as self-assembly structure, to be installed structure or easy installation structure, refers to the furniture between the parts according to the “32mm” system, using a variety of disassembly connector joints, can be disassembled and installed many times. Disassembly furniture is not only easy to design and production, but also easy to carry and transport, which can reduce the floor area of production workshops and sales warehouses, and be assembled by users themselves. This structure is used by most medical furniture, such as cabinets, chairs, sofas and tables.
  3. Folding structure
  Folding structure points to the structure type of a kind of furniture that can fold into, fold up or flip.
  Main features: after use, easy to fold up storage, easy to carry, transportation. The companion chair that has ward commonly, temporary bed, ward ark kind furniture to wait.
  4. Combination structure
  The modular structure can be divided into two modes: monomer combination and component combination.
  Monomer combination: refers to the furniture is divided into a number of small monomer, which any and a monomer can be used alone, but also a few monomer in height, width and depth of mutual combination and the formation of a new whole. It is characterized by convenient assembly and transportation, small use area, on-demand combination, flexible style and strong adaptability. For example, the common medical home has cabinet furniture of disposal room, treatment room and ward, etc.
  Component combination: refers to the furniture composed of different forms and uses of several common components of unified specifications through certain assembly structures. It is characterized by simplifying production organization and management, and improving productivity. For example, a common medical home has a medical office chair.
  5. Support structure
  Scaffolding structure refers to the structural type of furniture composed of various parts fixed on different heights of wooden or metal supports.
  It is characterized by flexible fixation, convenient for indoor space, convenient cleaning, and applicable to different requirements. Commonly used mainly have medicine rack, storage of medical supplies rack.
  6, multi-purpose structure
  Multi-purpose structure, point to to the position of certain parts or join a form to adjust slightly the furniture structure that can transform utility. Its characteristic is the furniture of this structure can one thing multi-purpose, save a space, functional effect much. Commonly used basically have ward companion sofa to wait.

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