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  As an important part of medical environment configuration, medical furniture is an important production tool that reflects the professionalism and work efficiency of the medical industry, and is also an appliance product that meets the requirements of patients for medical treatment. It has attracted more and more attention from the builders, managers and users of medical institutions.
  As the main contact carrier of diagnosis and work for medical staff, patients and their families, it also carries people’s expectation in the process of diagnosis and treatment, so the design of medical furniture is very important. As the design of medical furniture involves many parameters such as ergonomics, color aesthetics, material characteristics and functional requirements, the following factors should be considered when selecting medical furniture:
  1. Cost factor
  Cost is usually the primary factor in purchasing. Low cost is usually attractive in the short term, but durability should be considered in addition to cost.
  2. Hospital-related factors
  Medical furniture should also have the characteristics of laboratory furniture, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, etc., and acid and alkali resistance is the basic requirement of medical furniture. For example, the medical cabinet and medical disposal cabinet must be moisture-proof, anti-cross infection and wear-resistant; the handle of the medical cabinet must be rust-proof; drugs, special drugs and some injections must be placed; there are certain requirements on temperature and humidity. At the same time, the design of medical furniture products must be easy to clean, in order to effectively prevent nosocomial infection.
  3. Security factors
  Based on the group of doctors and patients, medical furniture used in hospitals should be safer and more humanized, and its products should be stable and solid in structure without acute risk factors.
  4. Environmental factors
  Green materials are a necessary factor in choosing furniture. Because of the particularity of hospital environment, medical furniture is stricter.

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