Medical furniture manufacturer | Classification of artificial stone

At present, medical furniture manufacturers not only have various types and materials, but also show the characteristics of the combination of various raw materials. Important: the raw material of medical furniture chooses wood, composite plate, porcelain cover all raw materials, natural marble, plastic, metal composite materials, glass, hardware, etc., according to the different efficacy of medical furniture, based on the different characteristics of raw materials, want to choose the structure and production process of relativity, production of furniture products.

Medical furniture manufacturer

Natural marble divides marble and man-made stone material. Artificial stone is widely used in medical furniture. Artificial stone is actually a kind of “textile material polymer”, with no toxic and side effects, and no radioactive substances, flame retardant grade, non-stained with oil, non-seepage, antibacterial, in addition to odor, wear resistance, impact resistance, easy maintenance, piecing together, product design changes and easy to clean and other characteristics.

Artificial stone is widely used in strict management of medical furniture such as hospital kitchen table and laboratory table because of its excellent corrosion resistance, easy to clean up, no void, and no escape of pathogenic bacteria. It can take into account the requirements of the geographical environment for asepsis testing.

Classification of artificial stone

According to the common adhesive is not the same, can be divided into analytical chemical artificial stone and inorganic compound artificial stone two kinds. According to the production of manufacturing production process construction project is different, can divide again for polyester man-made stone, composite artificial stone, aluminum silicate artificial stone, calcine man-made stone, of the four types in which the most common type polyester in analytical chemistry classes, its physical chemical properties and, therefore medical furniture factory in the home chooses man-made stone is polyester type artificial stone, Also known as epoxy resin type artificial stone. Epoxy resin type artificial stone is unsaturated fat polyester epoxy resin as cementing agent, with polyurethane resin and aluminum chloride filling material core material, by mixing, shallow injection, temperature, aggregation and other production process production molding. It has certain plasticity and compressive strength, but afraid of weapons scratch, corrosion resistance, sunlight resistance, under high temperature specification can also make a variety of product modeling design, and the product has a long service life, no toxicity, no fading advantages. In addition, polyester artificial stone kitchen surface renovation, polishing treatment, polishing treatment is also very easy.

However, due to the high cost of aluminum chloride, there will be poor manufacturers in the production and processing of epoxy resin artificial stone and add calcium bicarbonate, namely calcium carbonate. Generally, the life cycle of medical furniture using artificial stone is about 10 years. Once the kitchen table is fake, the life cycle is only 1-2 years.

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