Medical furniture management features

  Medical furniture is different from office furniture in terms of definition, classification and actual use, so that its daily management is also different from office furniture daily management. In the management of medical furniture, it is necessary to have higher management requirements and level, in order to change the auxiliary hospital to the comprehensive treatment and treatment of patients.
  Combined with the characteristics of medical furniture, the characteristics of targeted management are mainly as follows:
  First, professionalism
  Set up a special management department to be responsible for the daily management of medical furniture, assign special or part-time personnel to be responsible for the daily work, formulate clear job responsibilities and management methods, and form a series of standardized operation procedures including medical furniture customization, procurement, acceptance, warehousing, inventory, scrap, maintenance and so on.
  Second, timeliness
  The principle of medical furniture management is based on the timeliness of treatment and the principle of assisting in saving the dying and healing the wounded, forming a rapid response mechanism, timely completing its supply, distribution, deployment and maintenance, and ensuring the use of front-line. Arrange the maintenance time reasonably and inform the precautions in time.
  Third, convenience
  According to the operational requirements of medical furniture reporting, inquiry and inspection of business departments, the operation is simple, the general working process is simplified, and the key indicators are strengthened. In terms of medical furniture maintenance, it is suggested to support multiple channels and ways, with convenient service as the purpose.
  Fourth, accuracy
  According to the needs of the required departments, precise time and place, cooperate with medical staff in diagnosis and treatment, supplies distribution and other work.
  Fifth, comprehensiveness
  The use of medical furniture covers a wide range of areas, such as diagnosis and treatment, surgery, hospitalization, drug distribution, scientific research lessons, etc., which involves a wide range of projects, classification, and more difficult to manage.

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