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Medical furniture, as the name implies, refers to the furniture in the medical space, mainly including medical guide table, diagnosis and treatment table, hospital bed, instrument cabinet and other large items. Nowadays, medical furniture is no longer a simple demand, procurement, installation, put into use, but the hospital overall planning, market positioning, to meet the psychological needs of doctors and patients and other elements of the system engineering. According to the specific use requirements of medical space, the following aspects should be considered in medical furniture configuration:

Standard material

The materials of medical furniture are mainly divided into metal (stainless steel, electrolytic steel plate, aluminum alloy), composite (artificial stone, physical and chemical board, fire prevention board, anti-double plate), engineering plastics (ABS, PU) and wood. Standard materials are selected according to specific functional areas. Artificial stone materials can be selected for the medical guide table and nurse station to increase the overall aesthetic degree. The waiting area is crowded and open, so the material should be safe and environmentally friendly, wearable and convenient to clean. In wards and rest areas, relatively soft materials such as wood and leather are preferred to appease patients and release the working pressure of medical staff.

Exterior styling

The appearance design of medical furniture should be combined with the needs of medical behavior, taking safety and efficiency as the basic requirements. Movable furniture such as hospital beds and medical carts should be equipped with locking rollers or casters to ensure fast movement and stability; The sharp edges and corners are hidden safety hazards, so medical furniture such as diagnosis and treatment table, diagnosis and treatment bed and test bench should be shaped with round edges and corners; We should pay attention to the harmony of color and create a kind and warm medical environment through vision.

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