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Due to the characteristics of stainless steel, many hospitals are willing to choose stainless steel medical furniture when choosing medical furniture, but many hospitals are doing cleaning because of improper operation, resulting in stainless steel furniture rust and other situations. Here provides several stainless steel medical furniture cleaning and maintenance methods.

1. Dry wipe with paper towels or a soft cloth

The biggest characteristic of stainless steel is glossiness. So the maintenance of stainless steel is the first to dry, no matter what water, even if it is not dry water, in the surface of stainless steel also left traces of water stains. Oil pollution is not much, with ordinary paper towels can be wiped; When the oil is heavy, use neutral cleaning agent, wash with hot water, then rinse with clean water, and then wipe the water mark with paper towels. Stainless steel won’t shine until the water dries.

2, often wipe wipe

Especially in the kitchen, stainless steel kitchenware should be wiped frequently. Finish the oil mark, water stain on kitchen utensils and cooking utensils in time after every meal should be wiped clean, do not wait until oil stain is more bitter bitter more, processing rises difficult.

3, stainless steel should avoid acid and alkali

Stainless steel furniture most avoid acid and alkali, acid and alkali corrosion is the “number one killer” of metal furniture. Therefore, it is inappropriate to scrub stainless steel with vinegar. If accidentally with acid on the metal furniture (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar), alkali (such as a base, soap water, soda water), avoid by all means when cleaning stainless steel furniture with bleach water or 84 disinfectant, higher the water containing chlorine content, have strong corrosive to stainless steel, if not spilled the heart on the above, should be washed with water to corrupt place immediately, again with dry cloth or paper towel to wipe clean.

4, keep dry and isolated from moisture

Dry surface ability makes stainless steel furniture bright clean be like new. Although stainless steel does not rust in principle, but it is afraid of moisture, moisture can make stainless steel luster, affect its beauty, and even make metal rust, chromium plating produced film, etc., therefore, stainless steel furniture should be placed in a dry place, and away from salt and vinegar, so as not to return damp, corrosion of furniture.

5, rust can not be rubbed with hard objects

Some stainless steel furniture because purity is not enough will also produce some rust, out of these rust, do not use sandpaper or steel wire ball rub, so the surface of stainless steel will hurt. If the rust is not big, you can use the tooth or dip the oil in the rust and spot rust, wait a moment, wipe with cloth can eliminate the rust.

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