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  The maintenance of medical furniture generally includes two parts: maintenance of structural components and the solution of surface paint and color of furniture. Maintenance of structural components includes: Tables and chairs of the hoist, air pressure pump, armrest, file cabinet locks, cabinet, drawer slide, computer keyboard frame, door handle, door hinge, server, door frame deformation adjustment, board to repair, etc., the hospital furniture repair also contains the spare parts lost, connecting head damaged partition screen, screen partition destruction of cover up and down, around the corner, Repair and replacement of cowhide chairs, west leather tables and chairs, doctors and nurses office chairs, pulleys, pneumatic pumps, armrests, etc.
  The solution and maintenance of the surface paint and tone of medical furniture: first, the maintenance of scratches, paint peeling and cracking of solid wood, mahogany furniture, paper pastes and other hospital furniture; The second is to repair the damage to the surface of the decoration building materials of the hospital office special furniture, such as wooden doors, wood floors and composite Windows; Third, repair and renovate the scratch, fading and old color on the surface of medical furniture, leather sofa and leather goods.
  There is a great causal relationship between the maintenance and repair of medical furniture. If the maintenance of hospital furniture is not done well, then it will greatly increase the maintenance rate, so the maintenance of hospital furniture maintenance is important. Above all, clear when maintaining maintain furniture, must first clear commonly used dishcloth is clean. When cleaning or blowing furniture surface dust, must be turned over or for a clean cloth to be applied again, can not be constantly used to dirty that side, otherwise it will make waste repeatedly in the surface of furniture friction, destroy the bright surface of furniture.
  At present, the skin care products that maintains original chroma of furniture have furniture medical care gush wax and clear maintain agent two kinds. It is best to shake the medical wax spray and cleaning and maintenance agent well before application, then hold the spray can directly, spray the naysaying rag in the central government about 15 cm apart, and then scrub the furniture. It can have very good cleaning and maintenance effect. In addition, the rag must be cleaned and dried after application. To contain the furniture that fabrics pledges material, be like cloth sofa, recreational cushion for leaning on, can apply clear carpet clear maintain agent, should add vacuum cleaner first before application dust is sucked out, gush of small carpet cleanness fluid undertakes swabbing in wet water again can.

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