Manual three-function hospital bed

The part of wheelchair can be separated fromthe bed body,which is convenient to push and go out.The urine and excrement can be soled in the toilet(height is identical to toiletl),with a seat belt.Back lifting prevents side slide, as sit-up angle of the human body continuously increases, bed plates at two sides move inward in half- -surrounded pattern so as to prevent the person to be cared from inclining to two sides.The bedspread of the outer mattress is Simmons. The fabric is comfortable, soft and breathable. The wheelchair cushion is made of leather, which can prevent the pollution of liner, convenient cleaning.Potty conversion uses manual quick wrench, which makes the potty can be opened within 1 second,reducing waiting time.The rocker has a two-way over- rolling protection device, which can reduce the damage due to over-rolling and prolong the service life.The lower part of the headboard is equipped with a shelf, which is convenient for taking the artides at any time.Double -row castors with independent brake, silent, wear-resisting, stable and reliable.