Maintenance of hospital furniture | nurses station

Maintenance of hospital furniture:

1, stop cleaning and nursing furniture, please ensure that the use of cloth is clean. After cleaning or dusting, be sure to turn it over or wipe it with a clean cloth. Don’t be lazy, if you use the dirty side again and again, this will only let the dirt in the outside of the furniture repeatedly friction, but will destroy the bright surface of the furniture.

2, in order to maintain the original brightness of furniture, furniture maintenance products have two kinds: furniture cleaning and maintenance agent and care spray wax. Before applying cleaning care agent and care wax spray, directly hold the spray can, then shake well, and then quietly spray in the middle of the dry cloth at about 15 cm intervals, so that wiping furniture can play a good cleaning and care effect.

3, after using the rag, remember to wash and dry. As to the furniture that has cloth, for instance recreational cushion for leaning on, cloth sofa, can clean carpet with cleaner. To use, vacuum to remove dust and then wipe with a small amount of carpet cleaner on a wet cloth.

Nurse station is the nurse’s office place, let the nurse from every day busy work role, the nurse station into a highly efficient system, support 24 hours a day care services, this will be in the care of the office environment design function on the pursuit of perfect, enrich the function of the system, to ensure the nurse care function of the pursuit of efficient, safe. It is also very important from the point of view of medical security, and from the point of view of patients, nurses’ stations are also very important to create an open hospital image.

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