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Outpatient service is the window of the hospital services, Leading examining table shoulder for the patient to provide accurate and timely preview triage, answering questions out and guide the nursing work of support, service quality directly affects the first impression of the hospital patients, so Leading examining table image, temperament, service, language, behavior is very important, represents the image of the hospital. The medical guide should not only have solid basic medical knowledge and basic skills, but also solve the problems that patients meet in the process of seeing a doctor from the point of view of patients in the nursing service.

The guiding work includes consultation, accompanying, sending, communication and coordination, assisting in rescuing critically ill patients, providing boiled water, distributing disposable cups, conducting examinations for patients with mobility difficulties and inpatients, providing free wheelchairs, flat carts, distributing various newspapers, health education materials and department profiles; The desk is also equipped with needle, thread, scissors and other convenient service measures, these things are very humble, but done can provide great convenience for patients, so that patients feel happy and gratitened, and then increase the good impression of the hospital and trust the overall service image of the hospital.

“People-oriented”, people’s needs, people’s feelings and people’s emotional needs are important factors to be considered in space design.

Guide doctors should often walk, patrol, timely find critically ill patients, and provide green rescue channel. In helping the patient push the wheelchair, the guide must pay attention to the patient’s safety, observe the changes of the condition at any time, and communicate effectively with the patient. The movement of pushing a wheelchair is simple, but it is not trivial, but it has very detailed requirements, such as to enter the elevator backwards, so that the patient’s eyes forward; Push the wheelchair backwards downhill to make the patient feel safe, etc. Every detail of the work should be done around the patient’s safety and the patient’s feelings.

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