Laboratory layout design

 the layout of the laboratory design
  The layout of the laboratory should consider the following points: due to the different nature of the work of each laboratory, it is impossible to establish a unified universal laboratory design scheme. However, two principles and flexibility should be considered.
  1. Sample transfer and personnel flow: in the allocation of laboratory area, workflow, sample transfer and circulation, biosafety factors, etc., should be considered first.
  2, flexibility: whether the laboratory design can adapt to the needs of future development and change is extremely important.
  3, safety: the design and size of the laboratory should consider safety, meet the building rules of emergency clearance and evacuation exit, and equip with safety equipment for each laboratory. Emergency eye wash and shower should be provided within 30 meters of hazardous chemical reagents. All laboratories and areas in direct contact with contaminants should be equipped with a wash basin located at the exit. The washbasin should be independent and special, and should not be mixed with pollutant treatment and experiment.
  4, set up smoke cover and safety facilities: any safety placement should be far away from the exit, in order to comply with the principle of harmful experiments away from the main channel.
  5, special laboratory design and layout: special laboratory here mainly refers to the laboratory of microbiology and molecular biology, its design should generally be in accordance with the requirements of the “General Biosafety Guidelines for Microbiology and Biomedical Laboratories”. Gene amplification laboratories should have sufficient space and be designed and arranged in accordance with standard requirements to avoid laboratory contamination. Microbiology laboratory contact with harmful microorganisms, usually divided into clean area, semi-polluted area, contaminated area. Biosafety cabinets should be used in contaminated areas to protect the health of workers. Modern microbiology laboratories must also be equipped with air conditioning and filtration.

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