Laboratory Furniture

  Laboratory furniture in China as long as more than ten years of development, by the beginning of fire clay close to Luo form solid wood table laid mat, high temperature drying oven to ninety s pulled by the expand of board type furniture, really kicked off the beginning of the test rig manufacturing modern laboratory construction demand, now all of the early wood is not solid wood, But with the poly hydrogen amine board as the representative of the forming board, that is, according to the end board or particleboard, add different colors of poly hydrogen amine cover pressure touch or moisture into the film, and grinding, beautiful, waterproof effect.
  1, lab furniture, according to its use of materials can be divided into all-steel furniture, steel-wood furniture, wooden furniture in all three categories, all-steel furniture is beautiful but the price is high, steel concrete under moderate, all wood furniture because of its disadvantages in bearing, waterproof has few people use, should be combined with the medical – school budget to choose the appropriate furniture.
  2, the material of the experimental table is mainly composed of solid physical and chemical board, epoxy resin board and thousand board. Because the laboratory of the inspection department uses few high-temperature equipment, it is recommended to use solid physical and chemical board table and thousand board table. 3. The length and style of the experimental bench should be determined according to the actual situation and work needs of the site before manufacturing. Too much furniture will occupy the working space, and the lack of furniture will affect the work.
  The work table supports different working heights and can be adjusted by lifting and lifting. It can sit and stand and move easily (including open storage cabinets). Two sets of lightweight mobile screens are equipped. The open space and modular furniture also deal with ergonomic problems such as knee space. The elderly and infirm in wheelchairs are also easy to access and receive medical treatment.

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